GeoDome DataBase structure

Library objects that implement single-contour and double-contour geodesic domes are written in GDL. They allow you to create geometric models of geodesic domes. Combining the existing library objects into the library, we obtain the ArchiCAD library objects database of geodesic domes. As an information model of this database, you can consider the logical classification of geodesic shells.
The GeoDome DataBase is implemented as an ArchiCAD library. This library is a set of folders and external files that can be used in projects. Library elements are GDL objects. They can be added to the project using the special Object tool.
Library GeoDome includes files:
Parametric object GeoDomeLibv.1.1.gsm (part 1 classification - parametric objects I1;3, I1;4, I1;5, I1;6)
Parametric object GeoDomeLibv.2.5.gsm (part 4 classification - parametric objects I2;P3, 2;P4, 2;P5, 2;P6)
Library container file GeoDomeLibv3.2.lcf (part 3 of the classification - - parametric objects I2;3, I2;4, I2;5, I2;6, I2;6.4, I2;3A, I2;4A, I2;5A, I2;6A, I2;6.4A (A (analysis) option for strength analysis))
Library container file GeoDomeLibv3.6.lcf (part 2 of the classification - - parametric objects I1;P3, I1;P4, I1;P5, I1;P6, I1;6.4, I2;P3A, I2;P4A, I2;P5A, I2;P6A (A - option for strength analysis))

Currently implemented geodesic dome based on icosahedron. Not implemented classes on the basis of the octahedron and tetrahedron.

Database GeoDome ArchiCad
Database GeoDome ArchiCad

GeoDome DataBase has an open architecture, that is, it allows the addition of new classes of geodesic shells. Before including library objects that implement classes of geodesic shells in the database, they should be checked.

Having developed a project with a geodesic dome, you can present it in a 3D window. You can use axonometric and perspective projections of objects, drawing hatchings and texture patterns on the surface of objects in a 3D image. You can build a photo, drawing pictures of textures on photos, create videos.