The results of the analysis of the geodesic dome.
The results of the analysis of the geodesic dome.
PolyTran v.2.0 - programs of strength analysis of geodesic shells - download demo

Translation of geometric models from ArchiCAD to the Patran preprocessor, finite element strength analysis in Nastran/Marc/Dytran solvers - simulation of external loads, analysis of stresses and strains. PolyTran is a library of geometric model translator programs from ArchiCAD to Patran.

PolyTran v.2.0

  • 1. Translator OBJ-BD v.1.2 single-contour geodesic shells.
  • 2. Translator OBJ-BD v.2.2 double-contour geodesic shells.
  • 3. Snow load simulation programs.
  • 4. Wind load simulation programs.

  • PolyTran - this software works as part of CAD-CAE system - ArchiCAD / Patran / Nastran. If you do not have the ArhiCAD / Patran / Nastran system, then this software is not suitable for you for finite element analysis of geodesic shells.

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